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Phone: +252 613 333 077
Mail: filfilcardelivery@gmail.com
  • How do we work?
  • What services do we offer?
  • What kind of vehicles do we have?
  • How reliable are we?
  • How do we commit to you?
How do we work?

Fil Fil Car Delivery and Clearance is a company based in Mogadishu – Somalia that specializes in selling high quality used cars, as well transporting goods & commodities.

GEYSMO is the easiest and least expensive approach for the delivery of vehicles. Additionally, vehicles are driven carefully onto the GEYSMO vessel and secured to the auto decks. Furthermore, they are safely stored inside the water-and-wind tight vessel. Please note, you can’t send belongings utilizing this technique, however a spare tire and company fitted accessories are acceptable.

Because of the great success it has, GEYSMO overseas delivery is an extremely well-known method for transporting payloads to different nations.

What services do we offer?

Firstly, Fil Fil Car Delivery and Clearance offer a range of service options to our clients to allow them to choose which method of transportation best suits their needs.

Services we offer:

  • Ocean Cargo

Secondly, we use reliable cargo ships to transport a range of packages vehicle(s) sizes, makes and models to our customers around the globe.

  • Vehicle Transportation

Furthermore, we offer Importing/Exporting vehicles of your choice from multiple countries.

  • Item/Commodity Courier

Also, providing a private service to courier personal items or commodities to and from the location of your choice, and at an unbeatable price!

  • Transport by road

Lastly, we also offer transporting of goods locally in Somalia by means of trucks and vans. No item is too small or too big for us.

What kind of vehicles do we have?

Here at Fil Fil Car Delivery and Clearance, we have a fleet of vehicles and multiple methods of transport to move your packages around the world.

Ranging from vans for our smaller items, trucks for vehicles and large packages, to utilizing large ocean vessels for international transportation, we can move anything!

How reliable are we?

The well trained workforce of Fil Fil Car Delivery and Clearance understands the needs of the customers, therefore we arrange the most suitable cars for you and provide an extremely courteous service. This is why the company has 70% repeat customers and a family of hundreds of highly satisfied and loyal customers in every market we enter.

Additionally, the 24/7 prompt customer support is one of the major reasons why customers feel comfortable in purchasing their desired vehicles or transporting their goods through Fil Fil Car Delivery and Clearance. Because of this, the company ensures that our customers find help whenever they seek it.

Mainly, we aim for high customer satisfaction and are always working to improve our services by tailoring them according to customers’ needs.

How do we commit to you?

If you would like to use Fil Fil Car Delivery and Clearance services, you can go to our Services or Pricing page to select the option that suits you best.

Not sure how much would it cost you?

Use our calculator to find out!

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